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Database Searching

This LibGuide is meant to illustrate database structure and how to search databases according to their design. This LibGuide is meant to be directed toward searching Medical and Life Sciences databases.

Additional Search Tools

What is the Yale MeSH Analyzer?

Grossetta Nardini, H. K., & Wang, L. (2023). The Yale MeSH Analyzer. Retrieved from

Use the Link here to use the tool!

When would I use this tool?

  • If you are "working backwards." Working backwards is when you have a collection of articles without a literature search. You can use these seed articles and analyze them with the Yale MeSH tool to find the common MeSH headings and create a literature search based on those seed articles.

  • You are doing a systematic review and you have to ensure you use all relevant MeSH headings. Most researchers have seed or test articles that they know will need to be in their list of results and will be eligible for final analysis in the review. Use these articles to ensure you are using all relevant MeSH heaadings in your search strategy since the goal of a systematic or scoping review is to retrieve all relevant resources in possible existence.