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Resource Access: Tips, Options and using OpenAthens

Accessing full text, troubleshooting issues, how to login to OpenAthens

Signing In With Open Athens

When trying to access a database, journal or ebook, you will be presented with 1 of the 2 screens presented here.

Some resources (such as CINAHL and other EBSCO databases) present the user with this screen before selecting an institution:

If you do not see the screen above, skip to the "Choose how to sign in" screenshot below.

You will use the Find your organization side on the right.

Try searching for "Texas Medical Center Library". You should see this option appear below the search field. Click on this suggestion. This will work for almost all of the electronic resources.

If this does not work, try searching for "HAM" or "Houston Academy of Medicine". Once you find and click the Texas Medical Center Library as an organization, a new window will appear.

OpenAthens: Choose how to sign in


Choose the option that is most appropriate for you. Please note that Baylor College of Medicine, UT Health and MD Anderson users do not need to register for Open Athens. The system will use your institutional login to authenticate your access.

If you are a UT user, click the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston option from the menu above. You will be taken to the UTHealth Enterprise login prompt.

UTHealth Enterprise Login

 Sign in using your UTH credentials.

If you have difficulty with your account, contact the UT Help Desk:

(713) 486-4848

If you are a Baylor user, click the Baylor College of Medicine option on the menu above. You will be taken to the BCM Federated login prompt.

Baylor College of Medicine Federated Login

 Sign in using your BCM credentials.

If you have difficulty with your account, contact the BCM Help Desk:


If you are a user from:

  • Houston Community College - Coleman College for Health Sciences
  • Prairie View A&M University College of Nursing
  • Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Click the OpenAthens option at the bottom of the options. Note that users from this group need to fill out the registration form before using Open Athens.




The registration form can be found here: