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Pharmacy and Drug Research Guide


Access Micromedex on your phone or tablet!

Micromedex is a point-of-care evidence-based resource primarily for health professionals and students working in hospitals.  It's a gold standard for information on drugs, toxins and natural/herbal products. It includes several databases including Martindale, the Physician's Desk Reference, DRUGDEX, DISEASEDEX, POISONDEX, and several alternative medicine databases. It includes FDA-approved indications and unapproved off-label indications as well as information on international drugs.

The Free Micromedex Drug Reference for Internet Subscribers app for Apple, Android, and Windows 8 devices is available for FREE for TMC Library affiliates.

You can access these apps via the iTunes® App Store (Apple devices), Google Play® (Android devices) or the Windows Store® (Windows 8 devices).

Android users only: the app is called Free Micromedex Drug Reference in the Google Play store.

Once you download the app, you'll need to enter a password.  To get the current password go to the TMC Library list of databases and select Micromedex.  You'll need to log in with your institutional ID. Once in Micromedex clcik on the mobileMicromedex button at the top of the page. It will give you the password. 

Open the app on your device. Enter the password.