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DigitalCommons@TMC Get Started Guide

Digital Commons @ TMC is an online repository sponsored by The TMC Library and dedicated to serving as a scholarly resource for member institutions of the
Texas Medical Center..

Creating Your account

The first step before you would be able to contribute your research to DigitalCommons@TMC and have your works be viewed by the 145+ countries worldwide on a monthly basis is to create your account, which comes with these benefits once your account is created.

  1. Update your personal and/or login information
  2. Follow other authors, publications, institutions, and disciplines in the Digital Commons Network –
  3. Update email preferences
  4. Check the status of submitted articles
  5. Upload new articles
  6. Check download statistics

Readership Map Across the Globe

How to Create Your Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click on My Account in the top navigation menuMy Account
  3. Click the Sign Up link on the Log In pageCreate an Account Digital Commons Login Screen
  4. Fill out your information on the next screenCreate Account Form, fill out Email, First and Last Name, Password and Confirm Password
  5. After creating the account successfully, you will see the following message.Account Creation Confirmation
  6. Confirm your account using the activation link in the Welcome email sent to you.Account Confirmation with Login Link
  7. To log in, click on the My Account link in the top navigation menu in the DigitalCommons@TMC home page and log in with your newly created credentials.