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eBooks at The TMC Library

How to access the 13,000+ e-Books of The TMC Library

Things to know about e-Books

  • Sometimes when you try to access an e-book you will get a message saying it's currently in use. This is because the Library's subscription only allows that book to be used by one user at a time. Please wait a little while and try it again.
  • While none of our e-books can be downloaded to a tablet/reader, you can access and view them on your tablet.
  • E-books come from different publishers and therefore each interface and ease of use will be different--the Library has no control over this.
  • Occasionally e-books will have watermarks that appear on the page when you print.
  • You may only be able to print one chapter/section/page at a time depending on what each individual publisher will allow.
  • E-books can almost always be keyword searched.
  • You may be able to highlight or annotate e-books but you will usually need to register a personal profile before doing so.

Accessing e-Books

1. From the TMC Library's homepage mouse over "Find" and select "Search Tool".


2. Then select "Ebooks Search" and type in your search terms.