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NIH Data Management and Sharing

NIH has issued the Data Management and Sharing (DMS) policy (effective January 25, 2023) to promote the sharing of scientific data. Sharing scientific data accelerates biomedical research discovery, in part, by enabling validation of research results.

Submit & Review DMS plans

Applicants planning to generate scientific data will submit DMS Plans to NIH as part of the funding application or proposal. Note that plans are NOT part of scored peer review criteria unless specifically noted in the Funding Opportunity Announcement. NIH Program Staff oversee reviewing and approving Plans prior to award.

Budgeting and Planning

  • Submit DMS Plans and budget requests as part of the funding application or proposal.
  • Peer Review will not see or review DMS Plans, but will consider any related budget items.
  • NIH program staff will review the DMS Plan for acceptability and may request modifications prior to award as appropriate.
  • Plans must be approved by the funding institute prior to award.


Sample Plans

Next Steps: Revising Data Management and Sharing Plans

Pre-Award Plan Revisions: If the DMS Plan provided in the application cannot be approved based on the information provided, applicants will be notified that additional information is needed.  If needed, applicants should submit a revised DMS Plan. Refer to NIH Grants Policy Statement Section 2.5.1 Just-in-Time Procedures for additional guidance.

Post-Award Plan Revisions: Although investigators submit plans before research begins, plans may need to be updated or revised over the course of a project for a variety of reasons for example, if the type(s) of data generated change(s), a more appropriate data repository becomes available, or if the sharing timeline shifts. 

Implementing Data Sharing Requirements

Manage Data Management PlansYou are expected to carry out data management and sharing as outlined in approved plans and as a term and condition of award.

  • Manage and share data as described in the approved DMS Plan.

  • Provide updates on data management and sharing activities in annual progress reports.

  • If plans change over the course of the project, work proactively with NIH Program Officer to obtain review and approval of modifications.