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Resources to Beat the Heat

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Houston Knows Heat!

When temperatures rise, it is important to measures to keep cool.  Houston summers can be brutally hot and humid with the heat index raising to dangerous levels.  It is essential to know the resources that are available when the heat becomes uncomfortable.  Heat-related illnesses can be life threatening.  If Heat Advisories are issued, the City of Houston kicks into gear, activating Houston's Heat Emergency Plan.  Cooling centers open and transportation can be made available.  Call 311 for more information.


Cooling Centers

Get out of the heat and seek shelter where air-conditioning is available.

Houston Public Library Locations

Houston Parks and Recreation Community Centers

Harris County Public Library Locations

Multi-Service Centers

Temporary Cooling Facilities (Call 311 for Locations and Availability)


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Keep Hydrated & Stay Cool!

Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

Freeze water bottles overnight for a chilled beverage the next day.

Take a cool shower.

Apply cold compresses.

Use fans to keep the air moving.

Block direct sunlight - use an umbrella if out walking or sitting.  Seek shade!

Go to locations where it is cool - malls, movie theaters, libraries, museums, book stores, and other fun locales.


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Heat Related Illnesses

Know the warning signs! 

Seek care if needed or call 911 for emergencies!