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Consumer Health Information

Health Resources for the Public

General Health Resources

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Some General Health Resources to Know About and Utilize

The National Library of Medicine provides this free resource that includes information on numerous health topics and concerns in multiple languages.  This is an excellent resource for patients  and consumers to learn more about health matters that concern them.


From the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine this resource provides health information in numerous languages in multiple formats - including audio and video.

This  resource is provided by the American Academy of Family Physicians and provides primary care information on various health conditions and prevention and wellness.


From the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion cones a resource to promote health awareness.  Find information on fitness, nutrition, dietary guidelines, health literacy, and more.

Merck Manuals Consumer Version

Providing medical reference information to physicians and patients since 1899.  This website is a comprehensive medical resource for all.

Drug Information Portal

Drug information on brand and generic medications provided by numerous United State government agencies. 

Clinical Trials

Provided by the US National Library of Medicine, this resource has information on hundreds of clinical studies going on around the world.  Look for studies that are recruiting or ones that are in progress.

Household Products Database

Provided by the US Department of Health and human Services and The National Library of Medicine this resource that provides Safety Data Sheets on numerous household products.

Genetics Home Reference

This resource provides information on genes that lead to certain genetic conditions.  This resource  describes symptoms to diagnoses and potential treatment options available.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

The CDC provides information on various health topics, travel health risks and vaccine recommendations, outbreak information, and emergency preparedness.

Travelers' Health (CDC)

Travel precautions, recommended vaccines, specific disease information, updates, and more are provided to travelers about their specific destinations and travels on this site provided by the Center for Disease Control.

World Health Organization (WHO)

This resource provides world health information.  From health topics in the news to health emergencies worldwide, the World Health Organization is a reliable international source for information.