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Bioinformatics: An Overview

This Research Guide provides links to books, conference proceedings, databases, and journals available at the TMC Library. The bioinformatics guide also includes links to relevant resources available to the scientific community.

2013 Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) Database Summary

A comprehensive list of databases under the following categories have been included in the NAR Database Summary Paper Category List:

Nucleotide Sequence Databases

RNA sequence databases

Protein sequence databases

Structure Databases

Genomics Databases (non-vertebrate)

Metabolic and Signaling Pathways

Human and other Vertebrate Genomes

Human Genes and Diseases

Microarray Data and other Gene Expression Databases

Proteomics Resources

Other Molecular Biology Databases

Organelle databases

Plant databases

Immunological databases

Cell biology

European Bioinformatics Institute

The European Bioinformatics Institute is a European center for research and services that focuses on the scientific advancement in biology and bioinformatics. Some of its tools are: Ensembl, an integrated annotation on vertebrate genome; BLAST, a protein database query for sequence similarity and UniProt, a resource of protein sequence and functional information.