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How to Import Citations from Embase into RefWorks

Import citations directly from Embase! Here's how:
‚Äč1. There are two methods to select citation(s).

  • Select all citations by clicking on Select Number of Items and locating the number of items in the drop-down menu.
  • Select specific citations by clicking on the box located to the left of the citation(s) number.

2. Click on the Export button above the search results.  

3. Select RIS Format (Mendeley, EndNote) and click on Export.

4. Click on downloadThen open and save your file. 

5. Log into your RefWorks account and click on Add, then select Import References.


6. Select Import from a File and drop or select a file from your computer. 


7. Select RIS Format as your file format and click on Import.


8. Optional: Select the folder(s) you wish your references to be imported into then click on Import.
** You do not need to import into a folder, but it is recommended to help keep your citations organized and easy to find. **



9. Congratulations! You have successfully imported your references into your citation manager RefWorks!