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Open Athens


Longtime users may have a favorite resource bookmarked in their web browser or within institutional courseware.  Old bookmarks now need to be updated so that you are directed to the correct URL.

For most subscription resources we provide, using the prefix before the resource URL will make your favorite resources accessible:

If you still have difficulty, library staff are happy to help you set up your new links.

Any URL that contains "ezproxy" or "serialssolutions" within it will not work with TMC Library resources.

How does the prefix work?

The prefix will prompt you to sign in through OpenAthens before reaching the resource.

If you wish to create a bookmark for a resource, the redirector prefix adds the convenience of not having to sign in at a later point in the browsing session.

Here is how it works:

The ClinicalKey database contains electronic books, including textbooks. It is a good resource to have bookmarked.
The URL for ClinicalKey is

However if you go to this URL, you will be asked to pay or sign in at some point during your browsing session.

Adding the prefix before will prompt you to sign in through OpenAthens at the beginning of your browsing session.

Add the redirector prefix before the URL of the resource you would like to use.

The redirector prefix will work with most of the TMC Library's electronic resources. One exception is PubMed. For more information on accessing TMC Library resources through PubMed, please see this link: