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Systematic Reviews

A guide to understanding and creating systematic reviews.

Librarians can help

Liaison Librarians can partner with you and advise on how to start a systematic review. They will be part of the author team to design and manage complex, extensive literature searches in multiple databases. 

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Systematic Review Overview

  1. Put together an investigative team.
    · Generally, a team needs to have at least three people to reduce bias.
  2. Develop a question – often clinical in nature.
  3. Establish criteria for including and excluding studies.
  4. Develop and register your protocol.
    · Check to see if there is not already a systematic review published or in progress on your topic.
    · Prospero and Cochrane are two sites that allow you to register your protocol.
  5. Conduct an exhaustive literature search – often done by a professional, or a librarian.
    · Librarians should be considered a member of the team and receive authorship for their contributions. Librarians will often write or contribute to the Methods section.
  6. Review results.
    · The review of articles should be a “blind” review, done by at least two individuals to reduce bias.
    · Journal Title and Author Name should be omitted from citations/articles for review.
  7. Select and evaluate the articles/studies that meet inclusion.
  8. Gather the evidence.
  9. Come to conclusions.
  10. Review work & run searches a last time to make sure you have recent publications.
  11. Make corrections or changes as needed.
  12. Submit work for publication.
    · The whole systematic review process on average takes at least 12 months.