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Tropical Medicine Guide: Databases


Here you can find a few database suggestions that may be helpful to your research.

You can also search for additional databases in our Database Catalog or on our Major Databases page.

CDC laboratory identification of Parasitic disease of public health concern

Bibliographic Databases

These databases contain citations of journal articles and other reports in the literature. Bibliographic citations typically include author, title, source, abstract, and/or related information (including full text in some cases).  

Note: List not comprehensive of all bibliographic databases available throught the TMCL.

Bibliometric Databases

These databases contain citation analysis information (ex. how many times an author has been cited in key literature).

Citation Management

RefWorks is a web-based bibliographic management tool that enables users to organize and create a personal database online, format bibliographies and manuscripts, and import references from a variety of databases.

Need some help getting started with RefWorks?  Consult our RefWorks Guide!

Need help formulating a database search?

We have a database searching guide for that!

TMCL Catalogs

Links to the catalogs located on our website.