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Tracking Your Publications: Article Level Metrics

This guide provides an overview of the various types of author metrics and how to locate impact factors, citation counts, and journal metrics.

What are article level metrics?

Article level metrics look at the influence of an individual journal article.

Citation counts are a common indicator of article influence. Citation counts are the number of times an article has been cited by another article. Scopus specializes in providing citation counts, while some journal providers, like PLOS and ScienceDirect, include citation counts as auxiliary information. Caution: Sometimes citation counts only include articles within that particular resource.

Altmetrics are similar to citation counts. However, altmetrics look at an expanded types of sources, like news outlets, Twitter, blogs and Mendeley, instead of only citations from articles. Advantages to using altmetrics include understanding the influence of an article in the popular press and timeliness.

Frequently Used Sources for Citation Counts

Scopus Article Result

Citation Counts from Journal Providers

Some journal providers also include the number of times an article has been cited.





You can find altmetrics in a variety of the library's resources, and more providers are adding altmetric information everyday.

Scopus Article Metrics appear in the detailed article view.

OneSearch the TMC Library's search service provides Altmetrics in its search results.









Download the free Altmetrics bookmarklet to view Altmetrics in a single click.

Fascinated by altmetrics and want to learn more? Check out the resources below to get you started.